Unplugged Mornings

A 9-step process helping you disconnect to reconnect to YOU!



Allow yourself "Unplugged" time first thing in the morning to connect and go within. This will set you up for a winning day! This 9 Step Program was created by our Owner & Founder, Lauren Schwab!


Challenges. Workouts. Courses. You name it! We have the tools you need to get Unplugged from the noise and get plugged into a healthier, happier you!


Weekly Unplugged Morning Meet-ups and Monthly Community Events all across the country. Come get Unplugged with a community with the same mission as you!

The Unplugged Mornings Origin Story

Unplugged Mornings came to Lauren one morning during an “Unplugged” energy healing. She had a vision that she was surrounded by outlets and those outlets all represented a different source of seeking happiness. For example, a relationship, a job, a car, a house…thinking that WHEN she found the perfect partner, perfect career, nice car, big house etc. THEN she would be happy.

We, as humans, also plug into outlets to numb certain pain or bring external comfort when in reality we should be going within to find true happiness. Lauren visualized herself connected to a chord that was plugged into this external outlet. She reached for the chord and unplugged from the external outlet and plugged into herself. It was then that everything in her life seemed to make sense. All the answers lie within…we just have to figure out how to access them!

It was in this moment that Unplugged Mornings was born!

Meet Lauren, Founder of Unplugged Mornings

Lauren's goal is to ensure every person she comes into contact with leaves with a bigger smile on their face. Lauren has the tools to transform challenges, realize visions, and inspire others through her example. As well as help other find freedom of simply being themselves and responding authentically to each moment. Lauren is combing her passions for health, wellness and helping others to make an impact in this world. She believes in the journey, not the destination and hopes that many people will join her on the journey.

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